Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I received an Award!

What a sweet surprise I received from Renee Matarese. She notified me about this on my blog several days ago and just opened it today.The rules are to tell  8 things about ourselves and nominate 8 of our favorite bloggers. So here goes.

1.My blog name incorporates my last name of Bliss.The bits and pieces are just that. A glimpse of my life, family, creative outlets, musings.

2.Not many people know this. So here goes: I was a licenced Funeral Director for 14 years. My deceased husband and I owned an operated our own business for 12 years.

3.I live full time in a 40 foot Motor Home. My husband is a contract engineer. He works full time and I get to play. :>}When the job ends, we start up the motor and go to the next job. Can I say "GYPSY"...

4.I started scrapbooking about 12 years ago. I start scrapping my two oldest grand daughters visits. Since I have seven children, scrapping their years seemed to daunting!

5. Card making and altered projects are what I enjoy the most. I started this about 6 or 7 years ago. I'm pretty conservative in my approach and don't drift out of my comfort zone to many times.
6.I became a "empty nester" two years ago after having at least one of my children living at home for 39 years. You know, that "revolving bedroom" thing. It was a difficult transition at first, but now I'm enjoying it. Shh..I hope the kids aren't reading this. Reconnecting with my hubby during this season of our lives has been an adventure, but a joy.

7.I enjoy living in AZ. The summers are a little warm, okay HOT, but the winters are beautiful. I would love to get back on the East Coast to be closer to my children. That is entirely in the Lord's hands at this time. He knows the desires of my heart and what is best.

8.My husband and I lead a Life group for couples at our church. We have been in some aspect of marriage ministry for over 15 years. It has it's challenges, but we feel this is were the Lord would have us minister.

Karen Murray

There were others that I would have liked to include, but I was limited to 8. I hope you visit each of theses blogs and add some "love". Blessings, Bernadette


Jenny said...

Oh Bernadette.....you are sooo sweet! Thank you so very much for this award!!

Karen from PA said...

Thank you so much, Bernadette! That is so very kind and thoughtful of you.