Wednesday, June 23, 2010


That word puts it mildly. I have been home a week and no crafting. I thought I was going to get something done, but nada. All I have done is LOOK at my paper, looked at different blogs for inspiration and then sent out cards that I had previously made. I figured if I waited until my mojo came back , it would have never happened until much later. :o)

Prayerfully, today I'll get that "lovin' feeling" back and actually make a Graduation, Sympathy and Anniversary card made. OK, maybe one of them will get made realistically speaking. I did do some organizing of the "stuff" yesterday and realized I have way too much for here in the MH and for what I want to own. I'm not going to think about reorganizing and purging UNTIL I finish the cards I need to make, though. "Step away from the "stuff", Bernadette, step away." I really think I enjoy looking at it and organizing it more then I like creating with it sometimes.

I don't know how I have accumulated so much in such a short period of time. I thought I had been very, very careful not to over buy. Really just buying my Taylored Expression Kits each month, glue, some small stamp sets, etc. I'm really trying to be more mindful of my spending and not get sucked up in the "gosh I really need that to make a great card" frenzy. Let's face it, I am a hobbyist, not an artist worried about selling her art. I have been trying to make every effort to use what I have. Less is more way of thinking, as they say. A frugal mindset. I really want to be a better steward of what the Lord has provided for me. Not just spend, spend, spend. I'm really going to have to make more of an effort, obviously.

Well enough of the chit chat. I'm off to do my Bible Study and then onto card making for the day. Enjoy yours and may the Lord bless the work of your hands... ~B~

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