Friday, June 4, 2010

Traveling Again

I am sitting here in Sarasota, Fl and thought I would post a little something since I have not posted since last week. I am attending my oldest GD's HS Graduation tomorrow. It seems like only yesterday that we were excited about her first day of  kindergarten. I will be here until Monday and then back to Cary, NC were I have been since Sunday to continue to pack up our home. Our house closing is on June 16. It has been really a little difficult to let go, but let go I must. Life is forever changing and I don't want to keep looking back, just forward as the Lord  commands us. We have lived in that home for 17 years. A lot of very fond and fun memories fill each room. My prayer is that the new young couple who purchased it will be as blessed as we were in it.

So after the 16th., I will be living in my 40 foot Motor Home full time. Life will be simple living in that 400 square feet. Real SIMPLE. My address will be were ever it is parked! I'll keep you posted...HUGS ~B~

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Donna Moore said...

I hope your GD's graduation was all it could be! As you travel back to Cary to close up I have you in my prayers. It is hard to make changes, especially when we are leaving such wonderful memories behind, but I am sure God has plans for you as you become the great traveler! Keep in touch!!! Blessings to you!