Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We just arrived yesterday before noon here in AZ to start a new chapter in our lives. As of today, we closed on our home of 17 years in Cary, NC. A bitter-sweet moment. I am blessed the Lord had the perfect buyer, but I'm struggling not being close to my children and having a home for them to hang out at. But, it was the most cost effective option for us at this time in our lives. Steve's an embedded software engineer doing contract work for a government company. He plans on doing this for several more years, so a permanent home is not a reasonable choice.I know God has this under control and He has a perfect plan for us and will give me the grace to move on.

It's really is quite freeing not having all the "stuff" that I thought I couldn't live without. It is now neatly packed away in a 10x20 foot storage room. Probably someday I will need to further empty it and I'll wonder why I keep half of it. Although, I gave things to my children, our local second hand shop, the consignment shop and the local dump and still have the storage full!

We can say we are truly living full time in our MH now. Meaning, no "stick home" to go back to.This was a future plan that has come to fruition sooner then we expected. We have lived here in AZ since March  2009 in our older 34 ft., no slide and since July, in our new 40 ft., 4 slide. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, we have 400 square feet of very limited space, but it is comfortable and homey.  A very livable floor plan and just enough of room for hubby,Chloe (my cute Shilapoo), and myself. I do miss having a craft room, though.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to crafting. I really have missed creating and the smell of ink and paper. Today I was catching up on wash , computer related stuff and just resting from a very busy 2 1/2 weeks on the East Coast. Now if only my body would get back on Arizona will be good!

Blessings, ~B~


Nancy said...

Best wishes to you, Bernadette!! What an exciting time for you!! And, what an absolutely gorgeous mobile home!! Love it!! Ah, the freedom!!

Karen from PA said...

How exciting! That is my husband's dream to do that some day. Your new home is really beautiful!

Vicki C said...

Hey Bernadette.. thanks for coming by my blog and for the next comment. I love your beautiful new home. My sister and her husband retired and now live in a place in Apache Junction they they love. She also downsized, and says it's very freeing.
Enjoyed looking at your beautiful work!